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Q: When is the right time to book a wedding photographer?

A: About a year in advance. Photographers book weddings on a first come, first serve basis. If you wait too long to reach out to a photographer, there is a good chance they have already been booked by another bride – especially if you choose a highly sought after date (such as a weekend, a date near a holiday, or a date with numeral significance – 2/2/22). Booking your photographer earlier also allows for more frequent communication with the photographer during the planning process. Want to set off fireworks but are unsure how it would be best captured in photos? Having your photographer booked and ready will allow for a more certain answer. Also, in the same regard, the more time you spend communicating with your photographer, the more comfortable you will be with them on your Big Day. After all, your photographer is the vendor that you will see the most and spend the most time with. Added bonus – wedding photographers often are willing to take engagement photos as well; saving you the trouble of having to track down two different trusted professionals! 

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