What questions should I ask when interviewing and booking a photographer?

So you’ve reached out to a local photographer, who has agreed to meet with you to discuss their wedding packages and photography style. You know that you should come prepared with a list of questions, but you are unsure what they should consist of. Here’s a good starting point:

  1. Who will be shooting my wedding?

Many photography businesses consist of more than one photographer. Althought there is typically a primary photographer, it is not unusual to have other photographers on staff or contracted to provide photography services (especially on busy days or when the primary photographer may be unavailable). It’s important to clarify this, prior to booking your photographer, so you aware of who to expect on your Big Day.

2. What’s your cancellation policy?

Nobody plans on cancelling their wedding when they book a photographer. However, unexpected events do occur. In the event that it is needed for your wedding, you will want to be aware of the individual photographer’s policy (as it relates to proper notice, refunds, ect.).

3) What can I expect the day of?

Every photographer approaches weddings just a little differently. It’s important to discuss what you can expect in regards to the photographer’s arrival, departure, method of posing/capturing images, ability to navigate the venue, and communication style. This will ease the stress of the “unknown” and help you make more informed decisions regarding which photographer is best suited to your individual needs.

4) What happens if it rains?

Again, every photographer has a different policy and approach to adverse weather conditions. Are they willing and able to photograph outdoors in the rain? Or will they be asking the couple to make other (possibly indoor) accommodations?

5) Do you have experience photographing in different lighting conditions?

Often people forget that weddings occur over the course of several hours and in a variety of lighting conditions. What makes for a beautiful sunset wedding, also makes for a dark reception. Does the photographer have the equipment and experience to photograph in a variety of lighting conditions?

6) How quickly can I expect my photos?

The answer varies. Some photographers are able to turn around edited photos within a short span of time and others – due to a large amount of bookings, back-to-back weddings, ect. – may take a little longer to provide your photos. If the photographer responds with a time longer than expected, ask if you can expect a preview ( a small gallery or glimpse of your photos) prior to a full gallery.

7) Do you have any galleries that I can view?

The only way to truly understand the photographer’s style and quality of work is to review a few of their recent galleries. Pay attention to their individual editing style and ability to capture images of the entire day (i.e. getting ready, ceremony, reception, wedding party, etc.).

8) Do you provide digital files or prints?

This also varies by photographer. For some, they will provide you a preview of available images from which you will select to purchase prints through the photographer. Others will provide digital images for the couple to utilize in whatever way they see fit (i.e. prints, online, canvases, etc.).

If you are interested in booking through Donald Sexton Photography, I would be happy to sit down and answer all of these questions and more. Simply contact me to get more details. I look forward to hearing from you!