Why do I need a second shooter?

Photographers – myself included – often stress the importance of having a second shooter at your wedding. This leaves brides with many questions. Is this just an up-sell? What does a second shooter do exactly? Why can’t a skilled photographer cover everything?

Here are three key reasons to secure a second shooter at your wedding:

Simply put – your photographer can’t be two places at once. Even a highly skilled photographer cannot split himself in two, capturing all of your priceless moments. For instance, bridal parties typically get ready all at once due to a limited amount of time available. If the primary photographer is spending time with the bride, capturing the father’s first look and the bride getting ready – then he might not be present when the groom’s son reaches over to help him with his tie. Having a second photographer increases the chances that you will capture all of these fleeting moments as they happen – and not after the fact or in a staged reenactment (in what I like to call “Faux-tography”).

It increases the number of images. Two photographers, two cameras – the math is simple. You get twice the amount of images. Are all of them usable? No – but do you increase the chances of getting more usable photos – yes.

A second photographer offers a unique perspective of the day. Each photographer looks through the lens just a little differently. What one photographer might notice in a quick embrace between mother and daughter – another might miss or choose to focus on another moment.

Are second shooters worth the money? Absolutely – at the end of the day, your photos are one of the few ways you will be able to relive your wedding and the more photos you have (taken by a skilled second shooter) the more memories you will be able to look back on.

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