How I streamlined the editing process and added valuable time to my schedule

If you have been following my wedding advice blog, you have probably seen the plethora of equipment that comes with me on shoots. Every piece of equipment brings value and serves a unique purpose in creating high quality images. However, there is one piece of equipment that I could not do without – my Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Not only does it assist in the editing process, it also has become my go-to device when meeting with future brides/grooms. Here are a couple of Pros (pun intended) to consider:

Highly portable
Unlike standard laptops, the Microsoft Surface Pro is strategically designed to fit small spaces – measuring in at
11.5” x 7.9” x 0.33” and weighing a little over one pound. Despite it’s small size, it functions in all the same ways that a laptop would but is less cumbersome in a camera bag or backpack – leaving room for other equipment. When I am shooting weddings, I like to edit a couple of preview images using the Surface Pro. It is easy to set up on any surface and has a long battery life (for those long weddings).

One of the reasons that I like to edit preview images at the wedding is to show or display the photos to the bride/groom. The image is larger than what would be available on camera and, once again, the editing allows for a cleaner image. It also becomes a valuable tool when I attend bridal shows or events, as I’m able to display images quickly and access my galleries for specific shots or images that I’m referencing.

As the Microsoft Surface Pro functions similar to a laptop, it contains all of the same applications including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I am able to edit photos completely on the go – without having to take them home and finish the editing on a desktop. This saves valuable time – especially if I am working back-to-weddings or events.

I encourage brides/grooms to meet with me for an in-person consultation prior to their wedding. Not only does this allow for the couple to become more familiar with me as a photographer, it also provides an opportunity to display more of my work and answer any questions. Once again, the Surface Pro makes the process smoother, as I’m able to reference galleries on the go and pull up contracts and invoices while I am meeting with the couple. TIP: The stylist pen is worth the extra money, as it makes signatures on contracts easier and it also assists in the editing process (by touching up finer details in the images).

If you are a photographer weighing the pros of various devices or a family member looking for a gift for their own budding photographer, I would highly recommend the Surface Pro. As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.