The Value of a Mini Session

You may think my photography is limited to eight-hour weddings. What you might not know is that I also offer seasonal mini and family sessions. Yes, your wedding is likely one of the most important days of your life, but all life is valuable and worth photographing. After your wedding, there are many events and milestones worth capturing. Think about it: Every day, you and your spouse are getting just a little bit older and, if you have children or fur babies, so are they. That session you have been pushing off for months will look quite different than you first envisioned, because you and your family will be different. Your six-year-old will no longer cling to your side when she hits her defiant seven-year-old stage; your “threenager” will suddenly become more active and less interested in your playful antics. As they grow, so does your view of them. Wouldn’t it be great to capture them in the moment and freeze them in all of their child-like glory? That’s where a mini session comes in.

A mini session is a short, stylized photoshoot often themed around a particular season or holiday. Typically, a photographer picks a day or weekend during which they photograph back-to-back sessions. For instance, the photographer may choose to complete a studio session themed around Valentine’s Day. The photographer will carefully curate a background suitable for the theme and offer thirty-minute time blocks for couples and families to book their own session. After the session is completed, the photographer will release a limited number of digitals for the family to cherish.

There are many reasons every family should consider participating in at least one mini session a year, including….
-Obtaining photos to commemorate important holidays or events
-Updating your household photos and canvases
-Quick way to obtain quality photos (mini sessions are quicker to edit and, therefore, are typically prioritized in the editing cue)
-The photos make great greeting cards and last-minute gifts
-Sessions are shorter and, therefore, more manageable for smaller children (who typically have a shorter attention span)
-More affordable (as mini sessions are typically offered as part of a “holiday” sale)

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