Shae & Jason’s Unique Wedding on Honeymoon Island, Florida

A love story that began with an unexpected twist on Honeymoon Island turned into a wedding filled with personalized touches and unforgettable memories. Shae and Jason’s wedding was as unique as their engagement story, where a ring had to be cut off with a diamond blade, yet preserved by the bride as a symbol of their love.

The Engagement Story

Shae fondly recalled the night of their engagement on Honeymoon Island, saying, “We were engaged on Honeymoon Island. That night into the next morning the ring had to be cut off with a diamond blade in Tampa.” Though the ring was on loan and had to be cut, Shae still wears the pieces, a connection to that special night.

The Wedding Day

The groom and groomsmen embraced a rustic cowboy theme, complete with cowboy hats, boots, fall leaf camo vests, and bullet case boutonnières. This striking ensemble was beautifully complemented by the bridesmaids, adorned in turquoise dresses and holding homemade turquoise and orange bouquets.

Their first dance was to “What I See” by Tyler Braden, a melody that encapsulated their journey. The dance floor filled with friends and family, all celebrating the union of two souls intertwined by fate and love.

A Dance to Remember

As the night wore on, filled with laughter, tears, and joy, Shae had one more special moment in store. With the twinkling stars overhead and the soft sound of waves in the distance, she took to the dance floor with her grandfather.

Their dance was more than a simple sway to the music; it was a symbol of generations of love, wisdom, and family bonds. As they moved gracefully across the floor, the rest of the world seemed to fade away, leaving just the two of them in their precious moment.

This dance was a touching conclusion to a day filled with love and celebration, a fitting end to a wedding that was uniquely Shae and Jason’s. Their journey began on Honeymoon Island, where their engagement story unfolded, and where they started their forever, surrounded by family, friends, and the beauty of nature.

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