Investing in a Picture-Perfect Wedding

You got all the details right. The dress. The venue. The live band and entertainment. It all turned out perfectly – unforgettably, even. All of your guests were gushing about the night and how they hoped to emulate parts of the evening in their future events. It was everything you dreamed of. Unfortunately, dreams and memories will be all you have to look back on, because you followed Aunt Jane’s unfortunate advice of cutting costs on the photographer. When you planned your budget, you spared no expense in the imported china and antique furniture, leaving you a mere $500 to spare for photography. In a pinch, you turn to a local Facebook group to find a photography student, looking to build their portfolio. A win! You save money; they gain experience. If only, the photography student was able to focus the camera, or back up their digital images. Instead, you were left with nothing but the photos your guests captured from their I-phones, which was minimal, because you asked for an unplugged wedding. Sure, you can sue the student for breach of contract (if one was signed), but you won’t get back your photos or that day. This is why photography should be the couple’s largest investment on their wedding day.

Reasons Why Photography Should be the Largest Investment on Your Wedding Day:
Experience: A photographer is only as good as their experience. The more weddings they have completed, the more comfortable and confident they will be behind the lens.
Insurance: Professional photographers should carry liability insurance, protecting you from any unforeseen events at the venue.
-Equipment: Cheap photographers often have cheap equipment, which reduces the quality of images received.
-Lasting Memories: Photos are one of the few lasting items taken from a wedding. Eventually, the flowers will die, the dress will appear dated, and the food will all be eaten or thrown away. All you will have to look back on will be the photos commemorating the day.

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