5 Reasons every bride should have a first look

The “first look” in wedding lingo refers to the moment when an individual – more commonly the groom (but technically could be anyone) – sees the bride for the first time. For many brides, it is the moment they dream of – a tearful groom, an emotional father, or a roomful of bridesmaids gushing over the dress. Here are five reasons every bride should schedule the “first look” before the wedding ceremony:

  1. Gives you more time to enjoy the wedding and the guests.
    If a couple opts out of seeing each other before the ceremony, it severely limits the amount of photos that can be taken. The bride and groom cannot be in the same space (or near the same space, to avoid accidental glances), resulting in mostly bride/bridesmaid, groom/groomsmen, and immediate family photos. This also means that the majority of the photography will occur shortly after the ceremony, taking away time that could be spent at the reception or with your wedding guests.

  2. Relieves anxiety
    As a photographer, I have watched countless brides and grooms wait in agony for the ceremony to start. The nerves build, tension rises, and everyone is on edge waiting. Why? For tradition’s sake. In contrast, I have observed couples who have chosen to have a “first look” before the ceremony and I have seen the visible relief and joy they share when they are together – taking on their biggest day together.

  3. Accounts for variation in daylight and weather
    Couples that choose to wait until after the ceremony to see other typically have a limited amount of daylight hours to take photos. Ceremonies frequently are scheduled closer to the evening to avoid the “hot” weather and allow guests to arrive timely. This, however, limits the amount of time leftover for individuals to take photos. In addition, if the weather is spotty or calling for rain, the couple may only have a limited window to take photos outside and it might not fit the bride’s schedule. Having more time to get pictures before the ceremony, ultimately, allows for an increased amount of daylight hours and time for any inclement weather to “blow over.”

  4. Allows for the photographer to capture more than one “first look”
    The average bride takes approximately one minute to walk down an aisle (depending on the length of the aisle). During that time, the bride has one (maybe two photographers) who are in a frenzy attempting to get as many photos of the bride, groom, and guests as possible, hoping to capture their individual reactions to the bride. If the bride chooses to complete a “first look” before the wedding, chances are they will receive more quality photos of everyone’s reactions. Keep in mind that there are many ways to have a “first look” – some of the photos featured in this article include reactions from bridesmaids, fathers, and grooms. The more, the merrier. This way the bride can look back on each of their individual reactions for years to come.

  5. Creates a private, intimate moment
    There is nothing more nerve-racking then walking down an aisle with all eyes trained on you. In fact, for some, it takes away the romance of the moment and they are unable to remember anything – including their spouse – other than the fear of tripping over their own two feet. By having your first look before the ceremony, the couple is able to enjoy each other’s “first look” without the prying eyes of those in attendance. It’s a moment just between them (and the photographer).

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