Your story told by Clearwater Wedding Photographer, Donald Sexton.

Your Story


There is a story to every wedding that’s more important than tradition, That story is the two of you. The great thing about this story is that you get to help tell it. I hope that as we work closely together that we will craft a story that you want to tell for generations to come.

Couple kissing on dock at Knotted Roots on the Lake

The magic formula

When getting to know your photographer it is important to know how they shoot. There are many different styles and its not easy to describe them all. I am primarily a documentary photographer, my main goal is to act as an observer and a storyteller. I do however appreciate a well posed couples photo.

A simple question with two answers. Will you receive printing rights to your photos. Yes. However, I believe that pictures are meant to be printed and cherished for generations. This is the main reason for writing your story in the first place. Not all inks and not all papers are create equal and done incorrectly they won’t last. It is my firm belief that photos must be printed and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t help you on that journey. 

Yes, 100% absolutely, yes. Although I try to keep things casual I understand that there are 1000 workings pieces of your wedding that you would like to remember and lists are the best way to accomplish that. As part of a pre-consultation I will be send you a generic list of shots and questions, but you are more than welcome to bombard me with your ideas and Pinterest Boards.

There is set in stone formula for wedding photography packages. That being said, to start on your journey I would recommend 6 hours of Coverage, 2 Photographers and 1 wedding album. That typically fits most weddings.

If you are ready to start talking about your story, I would love to be a part of it. 

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