Why you need “Something New”

Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

In planning a wedding, many brides attempt to incorporate the above adage into their Big Day – carefully constructing centerpieces with old lace from their grandmother’s dress or borrowing a piece of statement jewelry from their mother. Often, the “something new” becomes a given – a new dress, a new name, etc. However, I would challenge couples to truly look for “something new.” Something unique, to you, to your union, to your new start. Personalize your wedding. Make it memorable and yours. Don’t feel compelled to follow Instagram trends or Pinterest lists. Make it yours! If creativity is not really your thing, do a new twist on something frequently done. Some of the most popular trends in weddings now, started with brides going out on a limb and trying something new. See some examples below:

A gift that highlights your personal interests and pets!
A flower dude, instead of a flower girl.
Opt for a jumpsuit (instead of the traditional bridal attire) or a floral arrangement without flowers.
Try sustainable favors – that are both beautiful and symbolic.