Wedding Album

Wedding Photography Albums: The Best Way to Keep Your Memories Forever

Memories fade and hard drives corrupt. The truth of the matter is that photos live their best lives on paper. Although printed photos can succumb to the same ravages of time there is still a sort of second life that photos get to live when they are printed. The best way to preserve your memories and a have a large collection of your photos is to print a wedding photography album.

Wedding Photography albums come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and paper thicknesses. Done right a wedding photography album is something that can be handed down through generations. Although how your “dress” your album can change it is vital that the paper you use is of excellent quality and is of a museum or archival level. This will ensure that your story will continue to be cherished and told.

Photography at its core is a story telling medium. In this story however there are 2 people that get to choose the story that is told; you and your photographer. I would recommend that you let your wedding photographer setup your album at the get go. This will take the stress off of you to decide what the perfect album will look like. Since it is a collaborative effort though it is important that you tell your photographer what your wants and needs are. This way you know you will have a wedding photography album that you love.

This doesn’t have to be said, however, photography albums do not have to be limited to weddings. They are perfect for babies, graduations, and frankly whatever photos that you are wanting to cherish forever. The options are endless. So, go out and tell your uniquely you story.

This will vary depending on the photographer and the split is almost 50/50. It isn’t a given anymore that a wedding photographer will give you a wedding photography album as part of you package. So, always ask and they would be happy to quote one as part of your package.

Again, there is not one answer for this. If you are looking for a quality wedding photography album then expect to pay about $300 at a minimum. Truth be told I have seen photographers sell wedding albums in the thousands of dollars. Do you shopping and find what is best for you.

In a printed wedding photography album there should be no more than 50-75 images in a 24 page album. This will ensure that your favorite photos will be large and visible.

There are several things, but typically center around how the wedding photography album is bound, how many pages it has, the type of paper that is used and how many hours that the photographer has to work on it.