The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Florals

What to look for and where to look

“Flowers…are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world (Ralph Waldo Emerson).” And what an assertion flowers make at a wedding! Flowers are the unsung hero at many wedding events and venues. They brighten a room and liven a photo. They bring vibrancy and richness to even the most mundane object. As a wedding photographer, the bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces often become the focal points in many photos. Need a beautiful backdrop for the wedding rings? Where is the bride’s bouquet? Need something for the bridesmaid to hold, to prevent awkward posed photos? Bring in the bridesmaid bouquets. Need a detailed shot of the groom’s tux? Where’s the boutonnière ? Yes, flowers out value much of the other wedding necessities and it is for this reason I have compiled some flower essentials.

WHO?: When an individual thinks of wedding flowers, they normally think of the bridal bouquet (the floral arrangement carried by the bride throughout the wedding). However, flowers play a large part in much of the bridal party and venue. Within the bridal party, the flower girl often carries flowers or petals, the bridesmaids frequently carry small bouquets of their own, and the groom and groomsmen wear boutonnieres (a small floral decoration attached to the tux). The venue is normally decorated with traditional center pieces or floral accents, and, for some brides, guests of honor are provided floral corsages or boutonnieres as a sign of honor.

WHEN?: A bride should begin looking for their preferred florist approximately six months to a year in advance to ensure that the florist is available for their given date. However, bridal arrangements typically do not need to be finalized until approximately three months out from the wedding.

WHAT?: There is no wrong answer. Every bride should select their flowers to accentuate their given theme and overall look. For some brides, a minimalist approach is best (a small bridal bouquet, and a chosen few bridal arrangements). For others, flowers become a central focus (with elaborate floral centerpieces and extravagant bouquets and boutonnières. A good rule of thumb: Flowers should add beauty, not busyness. In other words, each floral arrangement should have a purpose and fit the overall vision. Otherwise, it could detract from other important elements in the wedding.

WHERE?: Below is a list of local and online services that can serve as a starting point for your wedding flowers:

Local: Your Perfect Day
If you are local (in or around New Port Richey), check out Your Perfect Day Wedding Florals. As a home-based business, Perfect Day not only creates beautiful wedding arrangements, but they do so in an affordable fashion. You also would be supporting a small business, as opposed to a large floral chain.

Online: Kukka
Wanting to handcraft your flowers? Get your bridesmaid together and make a day of it! Kukka Flowers is an alternative to a traditional wedding florist. They offer pre-designed DIY flower collections and custom floral packages which are delivered to your door. The floral pieces come to you – you construct them.

Flower Alternative: Etsy
Want the beauty of flowers with the permanency of sustainable products? Check out Etsy for some wood or paper alternatives. There are some beautiful floral options that, not only brighten a room, but will continue to do so for years to come.