How To Modify Light Like a Pro

In an ideal world, all weddings and events would be perfectly lit – all the time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. In fact, in the world of wedding photography, we live in a world of variance – a variant of light sources, light duration, and light strength. A wedding might begin in a dimly lit closet of a space, which they refer to as the “bridal suite,” move to a brightly lit ceremony site outside and transition to a dark reception, canvased in stars. As a photographer, you are expected to maintain consistency in the quality of the photos, despite the changes in light. How do you do this? The emphatic answer: light modifiers.

LIght Modifiers – what are they?

The simple answer: light modifiers are a tool utilized to modify (or shape) the light in photos. There are a variety of types, including grids, soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors, and diffusers. Each of these tools modify and shape the light in a different way allowing the photographer to set a particular mood or highlight specific elements in a photo. They are often an important investment in a photographer’s “toolbox” – and although not cheap in price, they add value to your photos. In this blog, I will be highlighting one of my favorite modifiers – the “MagSphere.”

The MagSphere

The MagSphere is a small diffuser (pictured above) which attaches magnetically to any “pocket” flash. The MagSphere and flash can then be attached to a light stand and carefully positioned near the subject to diffuse the light. In simple terms, the MagSphere softens the flash, focusing the light in needed areas and preventing a “harsh shadow” in photos. For instance, the photos below are capturing the same image. However, the photo on the right was taken utilizing the MagSphere, which placed the appropriate amount of light above the subject and prevented unnecessary shadows.

If you are a photographer looking to improve the lighting in your photos, the MagSphere is a simple and lightweight way to do so. It has become my “go to” diffuser and my sidekick at all weddings and special events. If you would like more information pertaining to light diffusion and modification, feel free to contact me.